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PDP Urges Probe Of Corruption Charges Against Amaechi

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Ekiti State chapter of the peoples Democratic Party has called on President Mahammadu Buhari to immediately set up a probe panel to investigate the bribery allegations made against the Minister of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi by Justices Sylvester Agwata and Nyang Okoro.

The party said the call became imperative especially now that the president has put the judiciary on test of integrity, adding that the probe of  allegations against Amechi will go to a certain extent to determine the culpability of individuals who might have been involved.

The publicity secretary of PDP, Mr Jackson Adebayo, in a statement said President Buhari should be courageous enough to look into allegations against his men for Nigerians to change their opinions that his fight against corruption is selective and vindictive.

Adebayo said when judges of the highest court in the country are revealing how Amechi had tried to influence judgement by offering bribe which they rejected and the next thing was arrest and detention of the judges, the president should not pretend as if nothing is happening.

The PDP spokesman added that, the Nigeria Judicial Council (NJC) should also come out with statements affirming or otherwise what the judges have said because they made Nigerian to believe that each time Amaechi made his clandestine approach it was reported to the CJN who is the chairman of NJC.

According to the party, this allegations could not be swept under the carpet not only because all what Amaechi was desiring to achieve was to upstage the PDP governors in Ekiti, Rivers and Akwa Ibom States but because of precedence and to redeem the image of the so called Anti-corruption fight of the All progressives Congress government at the center.

“We are not on the side of any judge found wanting in the dispensation of his job but whoever is accused therein should also be brought to book because what is good for geese is also good for gander, in view of this the minister that has been alleged along the lines should also face trial like the judges. ”

The party warned that leaving Amaechi outside the probe would clearly vindicate those who made the allegation against him, saying that it will not only make mockery of the whole exercise but indicate that the judges were being punished for not dancing to the tune of the presidency which the transportation minister represents in this context.

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