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This Watch Costs $500 And Only Tells The Time

Technology / Technology Now Sony watch, $500, only tells the time

Japanese electronics giant Sony has successfully used crowdfunding to secure funds for its newest fashion statement, the FES Watch U, which can only tell the time.

The watch uses e-ink in the watch face and strap, which makes it possible for the user to change its appearance by literally a push of a button. The FES Watch U is an upgrade to 2014′s FES Watch, and it will allow you to upload pictures and designs directly from your smartphone to the watch.

Make no mistake, this is not a smart watch. There should be a thick line under this being a fashion statement.

For one thing, getting your hands on one would cost you between $438 and $587 (between #138,000 and #185,000).

However, the FES Watch is not meant to go head-to-head with smartwatches from the likes ofApple AAPL +0.75% or Pebble – or from Sony itself, for that matter. It is meant as a fashion tech accessory that lets its owners get creative.

“We believe that FES Watch U will stimulate users’ creativity more than ever before, as we plan offer new designs going forward that emerge from collaborations with unique creators, and develop an app that allows users to make their own unique watches using their own pictures taken on smartphones,” a Sony spokesperson said.

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