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Do You Have These 9 Things In Common With Super Successful People?

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Successful People – In every sport, we see them.

They’re present in business, too.

In fact, you can find them in just about any profession.

They are the great ones, and they have a reputation for being the best, for doing the impossible, for bouncing back against unforeseeable odds. They are the dominating force that all others aspire to be.

What makes successful people different from everyone else?

1. They question everything

2. They sleep less and wake up much earlier
Over 40% of multimillionaires have been reported to wake up at least 4 hours before their day starts. This gives them the chance to get tedious things out of the way and focus on whatever projects they are working on for that week. No one likes to come home from work, only to have a long list of chores that still need to be done. Waking up earlier and getting things done in the morning increases productivity by making the day less stressful.

3. They are willing to fail in order to eventually succeed. All successful people know that it doesn’t come easy and they are bound to fail more than they will succeed at anything. They are willing to learn from each failure, as it will help them make better decisions that lead to success later. While many people give up after failing at something, a successful person will persevere.

4. They know that they make their own luck. Luck is derived from hard work over time and positioning yourself for success. You won’t randomly get lucky and successful people know that. They will do at least one thing every single day to put themselves in a better position to get lucky and then use that luck to grow.

5. They set real goals that they can accomplish. Successful people wake up and they’ve already planned their day, while unsuccessful people are scrambling to figure out what they need to do next. Their goals are very focused, big yet obtainable and are aligned to their strengths. They know what they are capable of and will invest all of their efforts in it, avoiding their weaknesses.

6. They take accountability for themselves and their actions. They aren’t relying on other people in order to get the job done. Instead, they are looking inwards and are trying to find the solutions, while leveraging their current assets. If they make a mistake, they own up to it and immediately think of ways that they can improve next time, not making the same mistake twice.

7. They make change instead of being affected by it. Successful people aren’t waiting around to be affected by economic trends. They are the ones who are creating the trends and making things happen.

8. They know when to stay and when to leave. Successful people know exactly when they should change employers, start a company or fold their company. They have good intuition and aren’t afraid to make hard choices, despite opposing forces.

9. They do more than what’s asked of them. They view their job descriptions as just the beginning of what they can do with their job. After they’ve completed their mandatory tasks, they will always ask to take on more projects that challenge them. They are even willing to take on the tedious work that no one else wants to do in order to be a team player.


Rate yourself…Do you possess any of these attributes?

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