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Mom Calls Police To Teach Her 3-Year-Old Daughter A Lesson

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CBS reports that a mother called the police on her 3-year-old daughter when she unbuckled the car seatbelt and refused to use it during a temper tantrum.

The mother, Michelle Fortin,  tried explaining to her daughter and her why she needs to use her seatbelt.
But she feared her lesson wouldn’t stick. So, she called the Scottsdale Police Department’s non-emergency line for assistance.


“I know my kids better than anyone else, and I know that sometimes we have to get creative with our discipline,” Fortin told CBS News. “My daughter is 3; she doesn’t necessarily think that rules apply to her.”
Scottsdale police officer Corey Snead gladly volunteered to speak with little Camille and her older brother a few days later.

Michelle explained that She didn’t want her children to think of wearing a seatbelt as “mommy’s rule” but a law and with the police officers help she believe it will  really grab their attention.


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