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Buhari To Begin 10 Days Vacation On June 6th

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President Muhammadu Buhari will take 10 days off and travel to London on Monday June 6 to rest.

The spokesman for the President, Mr Femi Adesina, announced the planned vacation on Sunday.

In a statement, Mr Adesina said President Buhari, during the holiday, would see an E.N.T. specialist for a persistent ear infection.

The President had earlier been examined by his Personal Physician and an E.N.T Specialist in Abuja and was treated.

According to Mr Adesina, both Nigerian doctors recommended further evaluation purely as a precaution.

There have been controversies concerning the President’s 10-days vacation. Mr Femi Adesina who was a guest at Channels TV yesterday said, “Nigerians have been lied to for so long that they are now finding it difficult to believe the truth and that is the problem”.

“They don’t believe the truth because they have a carry-over of those who have lied to them for many decades,  but this government will not lie, it will tell the truth” he said.

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